Thursday, February 19, 2009

Arnica Essential Oil – A "must have” Arthritis Home Remedy

The gentle Arnica oil is a pain relieving essential oil. Arnica stimulates white blood cells activity and is also known to stimulate blood circulation. Arnica has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities that can reduce pain and swelling and improving wound healing. Arnica Essential Oil is typically rubbed on the skin for:

  • arthritis pain and inflammation
  • sore or painful joints
  • bruised tissue
  • sprains
  • sore muscle
  • cartilage pain
  • swelling

You can use Arnica oil after a hard workout to reduce soreness and swelling or to soothe arthritis pain and reduce inflammation. You can also use Arnica oil in a footbath for tender feet or in a hot compress for abdominal pain.

To soothe aching joints, add 4 drops of arnica essential oil to one teaspoon of your favorite healing salve. Do not use arnica oil internally. This is for external use only.

For natural arthritis pain relief, you will also want to use Arthritin.

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