Friday, November 7, 2008

Anyone for Pigs in the Blanket?

Natural remedies for relieving arthritis pain is nothing new. People have been using a variety of concoctions since the dawning of mankind. With all the medications and other treatments you will find available, sometimes, it is nice to see an old-timer in terms of treatments still works as good today as it did in years past.

Take a look at this fashionable favorite!

Cabbage leaves have been used to soothe inflammation for hundreds of years. If you want to try this arthritis “Pig in a Blanket,” blanch a cabbage leaf and apply warm or cold to the area of inflammation. You can keep the cabbage in place by wrapping it in gauze or an elastic bandage.

What you get is a pain-free life with the only downside being that you may smell like cabbage for a while….

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