Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scented Heating Pad for Topical Arthritis Pain Relief

Does that knee arthritis make it painful to get out of bed in the morning? Try applying a little heat for topical arthritis pain relief and to increase joint flexibility.

Heat can decrease joint stiffness, relax tight muscles and temporarily relieve arthritis pain. Heat works by stimulating your body’s own healing mechanism, because it stimulates blood circulation, dilates the blood vessels, and reduces muscle spasms. It also decreases the sensation of pain and is wonderful for topical arthritis pain relief.

However, be careful of electric heating pads and electric blankets. Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. says that the electromagnetic fields (EMFs), invisible lines of force that surround electrical equipment, may disrupt internal body control systems, weaken the immune system, and increase the risk of cancer.

To be safe, use this Scented Heating Pad Recipe. Not only is it safe, it is really an inexpensive to make your own topical arthritis pain relief and smells great. This is a fantastically aromatic way to unknot tight muscles, reduce inflammation, and relieve wrist arthritis, knee arthritis, or arthritis in any joint.

Scented Heating Pad Recipe.

4 cups uncooked rice
½ cup dried lavender
1 pair clean, long socks.

Mix the uncooked rice and dried lavender and pour into a clean, long sock. Knot the ends, place inside the other sock and knot that end. Heat for 90 seconds in a microwave before each use.

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Neil Kevin said...

Wow!! I think this will be the great treatment for arthritis patient by natural way. i'll surely going to try this heating pad for my grandmother who is suffering from arthritis.